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Product DescriptionIn STARE! – the game – a blank stare won’t do. You’ve got to be thinking while you gaze. In the freshly remixed Stare! Second Edition, this award winning game has gotten even better — with all new images and larger cards. In this fun and unique game you are challenged to absorb and correctly recall as many details as possible about an image, but you only have 20 seconds – so you better make them count! Images are varied and interesting to look at. It might be a movie poster, old ad, comic book cover, work of art and more. When time is up, an opponent will flip over the card and ask you a series of questions about the image to see how much you can recall. Was the cat sitting on the chair or on the floor? What color was the woman’s hat? Keep going, as long as you answer correctly. Guess right and move forward. This game also allows for different levels of play – experts try a 10-second time limit, novices try 30-seconds. Includes 1800 questions on 300 image cards, game board, sand timer, playing pieces, die, and instruction sheet. ReviewDare to Stare! with this deceptively simple board game and you could find yourself doing battle with your ego as well as your mind. The concept is fairly straightforward: pick up a card, stare at it for a few seconds, then answer a few easy-peasy questions about what you have just seen. See, no problem. Until, that is, you realise that you haven’t been paying as much attention as you should have, and that you have missed vital chunks of information that could well make you the loser.

Great fun for the whole family, Stare! is possibly one of the most frustrating games you are ever likely to play–you think it is so incredibly easy, but before you know it you’ve been caught out and aren’t moving any closer to the winning square on the board. Play in teams if you dare, but be warned: you will undoubtedly argue with your team-mates because they are bound to get cocky and let you down. Addictive to the point of distraction, Stare! is one game that every household should own. (Age 10 to adult.) —Susan Harrison


  • Quickly stare at the image on the card for 20 seconds
  • The picture might be a movie, an old ad, a comic, a funny photo etc
  • When the timer runs out, you’ll be asked a series of questions about the picture
  • Recall as much as you can and advance along the game board
  • This game is great to play with individuals or in teams
  • For 2-10 players or teams
  • Box Size 25 x 25 x 10cm
  • Manufacturer’s recommended age 10 years +


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