SPEQUIX Menstrual Cup Set of 2 (Large and Small Size) and 1 Sterilizer Cup and 3 Disposable Latex Finger Protections (Pink)

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What do I get?
1x Size S SPEQUIX Menstrual Cup
1x Size L SPEQUIX Menstrual Cup
1x Steriliser Cup
3 x Disposable Latex Finger Protections
1x Carry and Store Pouch
Why use SPEQUIX Menstrual Cups?
Use Anywhere
SPEQUIX Menstrual Cups are Designed for busy, active women who want a hassle-free leakproof solution and confidence. They can be used for Sports, traveling, swimming or sleeping!
You will love your new freedom of movement.
Extremely Long Lasting
SPEQUIX premium medical grade silicone can lasts for up to 10 years of continued used!
Completely Safe and Comfortable
No Rubber or Plastic! Completely Reusable, Effective, Long-Lasting.
Each pack comes with a quality Steriliser cup, Carry and Store Pouch
Disposable tampons and pads not only produce a lot of garbage, they can also irritate and cause allergic reactions. SPEQUIX Menstrual Cups are all made from high quality medical grade silicone, which unlike tampons they protect you and stops them from drying out.
Dramatic Results
SPEQUIX Menstrual cups are designed help you decrease your flow and reduce menstrual cramps because they will not Interfere with your body’s natural flow.
Save a Fortune
SPEQUIX Menstrual Cups cost a Fraction of the Cost of regular pads, tampons, organic pads, cloth pads.
We also give a free Sterilizing Cup in our packs because you shouldn’t have to buy them separately.
They are completely reusable, so think of all the money you will save not having to waste money every month on sanitary products.
Environmentally Friendly
Mother earth will thank you. SPEQUIX Menstrual Cups can be used for up to 10+ years! Imagine all the waste you will personally reduce!


  • ☆STAY ACTIVE AND COMFORTABLE:Dance, run, swim and sleep with your SPEQUIX Menstrual Cup – think of all the times your period held you back. Easy to insert, easy to remove – wear your cup for menstruation for up to 12 consecutive hours
  • ☆THAT TIME OF THE MONTH DOES NOT HAVE TO BE MESSY OR PAINFUL: This period cup goes in easy and fit snugly. You won’t even know it’s there. It is also easy to clean and sanitise.
  • ☆ EASY TO USE: SPEQUIX Menstrual Cup has worked hard to produce the soft cup available through innovative use of material thickness and medical silicone. We have made our cup easy to insert and take out. So Soft – you won’t even know it’s there. So Secure – you’ll never have to worry about a leak again!
  • ☆STERILIZER CUP:Collapsible Silicone Cup Foldable Sterilizing Cup Can be used to sterilize menstrual cups with hot water
  • ☆SAVE YOURSELF MONEY: You can now save some money and still deal with your menstruation, thanks the innovative bell shaped menstrual cups. They are washable, reusable and a smart investment.


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