Intelligent Baby Rattle Alilo Smart Bunny Smarty Baby Gift Media Player Shake & Tell (Blue)

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  • Alilo® Smart Bunny is a popular media companion especially designed for children aged 0-4 years. Due to its ease of use, robust material and versatility, it encourages the kids’ creativity. Smart Bunny comes with 6 modes:
  • SONGS, STORIES, SOUND FX, COLOUR IDENTIFICATION, NIGHT LIGHT and SLEEP AID, and brings excitement to all ages: 0-1: With its harmonic shape, smooth colouring and pleasant surface texture, Smart Bunny intrigues the child’s perception. The glowing ears and sleep sounds have a calming effect, while the animal and everyday sounds train the baby’s ears.
  • everyday sounds train the baby’s ears. 1-2: The songs support articulation and speaking skills (and help you refresh your repertoire along the way). 2-3: By telling stories and singing, Smart Bunny stimulates the child’s imagination and calls for interaction. Kid’s tend to include Alilo in their games, which enables parents to also integrate it into otherwise often unpopular rituals like e.g. toothbrushing.
  • 3-4: Alilo’s interactivity can now be fully appreciated; it is being used for dancing, singing, identifying colors and much more. SOUND: A wide range of pre-installed sounds can be activated simply by shaking Smart Bunny. NIGHTLIGHT & SLEEP AID: when it’s time for bed, turn on the smoothly glowing ears and the soothing sleep aid. SONGS & STORIES: Tell, Sing, Listen… COLOUR IDENTIFICATION: Place Alilo on one of the included colour cards – he will name the correct colour + an example sentence.
  • What’s special about me? I am a rattle, my songs are carefully chosen for the littlest ones – and I identify colours! This video review provides an excellent overview of Smart Bunny’s functions:


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