George Foreman Family 5-Portion(510 sq cm plate) Grill 23420 – Black

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Enjoy a healthier meal time with the George Foreman 23420 Non-Stick Health Grill with 5 Portion Capacity in Black. With the capability to be able to remove anywhere up to 42% of fat from the food you love to enjoy the 23420 grill is the perfect option for a happy, healthy home.The innovative patented design incorporates a specially designed slanted grill that channels fat and grease away from food and directly into an easy to clean drip tray. The non-stick coating assists in so that you don’t have to use butter or oil whilst cooking and helps the fat and grease slide away with ease – when finished simply wipe away any mess!The perfectly crafted plates allow for an even, professional cook every time – the bottom and the top of the grill both warm up which cooks your food even faster than ever before and the 23420’s floating hinge means that extra thick cuts of food, thick sandwiches and large pieces of meat – up to five portions at a time can be cooked with ease.


  • Floating hinge enable cooking of extra thick food
  • Sloping grill channels fat and grease in to a separate drip tray
  • Stores vertically – so you can fit in to small areas


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