Garden Bird Feeding Station Hanging Wooden Seed and Nut feeder, with Fruit Pin and Water Dish

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Attract wild birds to your garden with this attractive wooden hanging bird feeding station. Simply hang from a convenient and sturdy branch and watch as the birds flock to the feeder to take advantage of the feast you lay out for them.

Featuring separate feeders for seeds and peanuts, allowing you to workout what best works for the birds in your area, as well as, a mealworm tray, a large mesh cage for suet, a fine mesh cage for bread and even a fruit pin suitable for apples, pears or fat balls. So when you’re not fully sure if that last apple in the fruit basket is right for you, at least you can give it to some beautiful birds in the garden. As well as all those ways to feed the birds in your garden, there’s even a water dish for them to drink from or bathe in! When it’s really pouring with rain, the birds will love the roof, offering them real protection from the worst of the weather, but can be lifted up to allow you to refill the feeders.

Dimensions: W39cm x H28cm x D19cm.

No assembly required.


  • FEEDING OPTIONS – The bird feeding station features a mealworm tray, suet cage, a mesh cage, feeders included and a fruit pin, you’ll be able to feed the birds in your garden, in every way possible
  • REMOVABLE ROOF – Give the birds a roof, that comes off. Makes refilling and cleaning easy, but gives your feathered friends a place to hide when the weather turns
  • NO ASSEMBLY – Comes pre-assembled so you can get on with watching your garden’s new visitors
  • FRUIT PIN – Make use of old or wild fruit with the fruit pin
  • WATER DISH – Watch as beautiful birds gently bathe, or drink from the water dish


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