Blagdon Minipond Pump 900 (Pond Pump to Run Fountains for Standard Ponds up to 2250 L)

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(as of 01/16/2019 at 03:54 UTC)


An outdoor water feature creates a peaceful oasis and an air of tranquillity promoting a relaxing environment. The gentle sound of running water enhances your surroundings. This compact pump is ideal for pebble pools small pond fountains and water features. Easy to install and maintain it is supplied with unique and comprehensive fittings to allow you to personalise your display with 3 attractive fountain head options to give you full freedom to create a spectacular focal point. There are sectional riser pipes for adjusting height to pond depth and a flow control valve. This high performance yet economical pump would be a welcome addition to any garden space. Product specifications:3 Fountain heads: Daisy Two tier Daisy Bell jets20cm extension pipeFlow control valveMax. Flow: 900L/hr (198 gal/hr)Max. Height: 2mPower: 18W


    Ideal to run fountains, filters, waterfalls and featuresA comprehensive range of four fountain heads, fittings and adjusters includedHigh performance, low maintenance designEnhanced low velocity pre-filter with optional foam filter prevents the pump from clogging3 years guarantee


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