Baby Wow Charlie

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(as of 01/22/2019 at 08:18 UTC)


Baby Wow just loves to learn and play! Responding to 10 voice commands this interactive baby learns in stages just like a real baby! The more you play with him the more he can do. Capable of a total of 12 functions, such as ‘come here’ and ‘dance’, this clever baby is sure to provide hours of entertainment. Baby Wow comes with 2 x accessories, a dummy and a ball which he will interact and play with. He even has a ticklish tummy!


  • The1stVoiceactivatedBabydoll
  • HereactstoyourVoice
  • Hecancrawlwhennyoutellhimtoo
  • Hecansingwhenyoutellhimtoo
  • HecanDancewhenyoutellhimtoo


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