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Venturer BravoWin S 10KR 10.1″ 2 in 1 64GB Quadcore Laptop with Windows 10, F Secure 1 Year Internet Security for 3 Devices + 8GB USB Stick

Venturer BravoWin S 10KR 10.1

  • Combines the power of a laptop with the versatility of a tablet for a high performance yet lightweight and portable device, perfect for work, play and every day!
  • Effortlessly transform your 2 in 1 laptop and tablet by simply removing the keyboard, and enjoy a luxurious, soft touch design, for tech that’s both smart and stylish
  • Features Bluetooth, Dual 2MP Cameras, 2GB Ram, 64GB Max Storage with Mciro SD Card Slot and Pre installed Microsoft Office tools, Full Version Windows 10 Home 32bit Edition
  • This quad core laptop comes WiFi ready, and equipped with up to 8 hours battery life and high quality display, perfect for professional and home settings
  • Bundled with FSecure 1 Year Internet Security & 8GB USB Stick

Quality, ligthweight and reliable, with a luxury soft-touch feel and stylish outer design.

On the inside, you get first class performance from the Intel Atom quadcore processor, efficient and fast 2GB RAM and pre-installed Windows 10 OS for up to date technology.

With front and rear 2 megapixel cameras, capacious storage drive, quality screen, and Microsoft Office software, it’s ready for any task.


Processor (CPU): Intel Atom Z3735F Quad Core x64 Processor (1.33GHz)

Memory: 2GB RAM

Storage: 64GB SSD plus MicroSD Card Slot (64GB max card not included)

10.1″ Display (1280 x 800)

Up to 8 hours battery life

Dual cameras

Bluetooth and 802.11 b/g/n Wifi

USB 2.0

1 Year (non-commercial use) warranty

Detachable keyboard: trackpad adjustable angle

Mini HDMI output

DC jack

G sensor

Microsoft Full Windows 10 Home 32bit Edition Installed

Office Installed: Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile and One Note (needs Microsoft Account).


F-Secure Safe Internet Security for 3 devices provides protection for PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets. Our special offer covers 3 devices for 1 year.

To cover more devices, just add them using the easy online management console.


The best protection against viruses, spyware, hacker attacks, and identity theft, whilst also blocking harmful web sites and online attacks

Protects children against unwanted websites and allows you to moderate their online life through parental controls

Online banking protection

Easily lock, wipe or locate lost Android smartphones and tablets

Easy to install without slowing your devices


1 x Mini Laptop – Tablet screen + Keyboard

1 x User Guide

1 x Mains AC Adaptor

1 x F-Secure Internet

1 x 8GB USB

Lloyds becomes latest bank to deploy selfie biometrics

Lloyds Becomes Latest Bank To Deploy Selfie BiometricsLloyds Becomes Latest Bank To Deploy Selfie BiometricsAdd to favorites1

Bank of Scotland customers will be able to open an account more quickly.

Lloyds Banking Group is following in the footsteps of HSBC and MasterCard by launching biometric selfie technology to Bank of Scotland customers. The idea is that customers will be able to more quickly open an account online through the ID verification technology on a web browser, smartphone or tablet. Customers will be able to follow a step-by-step guide and simply take pictures of their UK driving license or passport, along with selfie images in order to confirm their identity.

The introduction of the biometric technology is not only to make it faster for customers to open an account, but also to help lower the threat of financial fraud. Brian Spector, CEO, MIRACL said: The volume of financial fraud has risen dramatically in the past year as hackers have become more sophisticated and are managing to

Lloyds Becomes Latest Bank To Deploy Selfie BiometricsMore than 1 million incidents of financial fraud occurred in the first six months of 2016, according to figures from Financial Fraud Action UK.

bypass traditional methods of security with alarming ease. A range of tactics which once seemed secure such as identity verification via text message are become easier for hackers to exploit.

As the payments market has become more open, with a plethora of third parties now sitting between banks and their customers, it has become paramount to accurately verify the identities of people accessing the data and systems involved.

Fortunately, the European payments market is on the cusp of a radical change. Rather than being just a swathe of red tape, the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is a much-needed attempt to prevent our entire banking system from being exploited by hackers. At the start of the month MasterCard2 launched its own biometric authentication technology across Europe after a successful trial of the technology.

The service is now available for Bank of Scotland Classic retail customers who hold a UK passport or driving license and will be rolled out across Halifax and Lloyds Bank brands.


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How to become a tech reviewer

How to become a tech reviewer

So you want to be a reviewer and share your opinions on the latest gadgets? It s easier than ever before: we explain how to become a tech reviewer.

Where and how to start reviewing products. Plus: how to write a good review

By | 04 Oct 16

How To Become A Tech Reviewer

The great thing about the internet is that anyone can make a website2, a blog or post self-made videos to YouTube. All these mediums are good for reviewing products but these days you don t even need to go to that much effort to start on your journey to becoming a tech reviewer. Before you start out, though, consider why you want to do it. If it s just a hobby and you want to do it for fun, great. If you re doing it with a view to starting a career in journalism, absolutely fine. But if you re purely doing it to try and get free or discounted products or make money, be careful. As long as you offer an honest, unbiased opinion and you re able to tell others whether a product is better than its competitors, you ll do well.

How to become a tech reviewer: Amazon

How To Become A Tech Reviewer

How To Become A Tech Reviewer

Update 4 October 2016: Amazon has now banned incentivised reviews for tech after research led it to believe people were awarding higher ratings than a product was given to them for free or at a discounted price. Its Vine system detailed below will continue as normal, however. Amazon is, of course, the biggest site for user reviews. Every time you buy something you ll be sent an email asking you to rate and review it, the company that sold it and even the packaging it arrived in. This is the easiest place to start.

It takes only a minute to review a product after clicking on the link in the please review your recent purchase email. However, if you want to be taken seriously, you ll want to invest a lot more time than that.

How To Become A Tech Reviewer

How To Become A Tech Reviewer

Getting your first review published on Amazon is just the first step. You ll need a portfolio of reviews if you want to rise up the ranks of Amazon reviewers and get noticed. It s well worth checking and developing your public profile there s a link in the menu bar. Add some information about yourself, your interests and also contact details if you want companies to approach you to review products. This could be an email address, a website or both.

How To Become A Tech Reviewer

How To Become A Tech Reviewer

You may be invited to join Amazon s Vine Programme3. Vine Voice is for the most trusted reviewers , and you can t ask to join: you have to wait to be asked. When you review products as a normal Amazon customer you ll get helpful votes and a reviewer rank. There are various badges on offer, which will mark you out as a top reviewer . You can read more on Amazon s website4 about reviewer ranks.

How to become a tech reviewer: YouTube & video reviews

How To Become A Tech Reviewer

How To Become A Tech Reviewer

You don t necessarily have to be a great writer to become a tech reviewer, but it helps. An alternative is to make a video review, which you can also do on Amazon. YouTube is a better place to try and build a following, though. Making video reviews is considerably harder than written reviews, unless you re a natural in front of the camera or are a video-editing ace that can add panache with effects and voice overs.

Some products are better suited to a video review anyway: you can show people how something works for easier in a video than trying to explain it in words.

How to become a tech reviewer: Learn to write a good review

Before you even start a review, you ought to know a product inside out. This is why it s a good idea to review products you ve owned for a while. It s not enough to know just its features and specifications, but its strengths and weaknesses. What does it do, or have, which competitors lack or, conversely, what doesn t it do which rivals can. Does it work reliably? Does it perform well? You can run tests or benchmarks on some products to find out how they perform and including these in addition to opinions will always add to your review.

It s your opinion of the product that matters most, though. That, of course, is subjective. Whether it s the design, build quality or performance, you ll need to know how it compares to similar products, which is why it s hard to review a camera, a PC monitor or a pair of headphones if you don t have much to compare it with. You can run tests or benchmarks on some products to find out how they perform and including these in addition to opinions will always add to your review. Most importantly, put yourself in the shoes of the reader and answer questions that they can t. You have the product in your hands and they don t. It s not particularly useful to talk about features and specifications they can find in the product s listing. Far more useful is to explain whether those features work well or not. How long does a battery-powered product really last? How loud are the speakers? Is it well made?

Give a more detailed breakdown of the overall score, and avoid giving things full marks unless you can justify why this product is the best of its type. Don t make the mistake other reviewers do and mark a product down because it arrived late or damaged. The review is of the product, not the delivery service. It shouldn t be too short or too long. This will depend on the product: a more complex product will require a longer review. But people want the key points, so a summary at the top of a long review will prove helpful. The review should be accompanied by good-quality photos that highlight points you make in the review. If it s a video, be sure the lighting and sound are good and keep it relatively short.

The basics are, then, mainly common sense.

How to review products without buying them

This is probably the most-asked question of all. If you re just starting out reviewing tech products, companies aren t going to send you stuff simply because you send them an email asking to review it. This is where it will help if you have a website, blog and / or YouTube channel with a catalogue of reviews already in place. Companies will look at your following your audience and influence as well as the quality and quantity of reviews. Some Amazon reviewers have found they receive emails such as the one below offering a choice of products to review. Typically, these will be provided at no cost to the reviewer as payment for the review. You then get to keep it.

How To Become A Tech Reviewer

How To Become A Tech Reviewer

It s crucial you don t give products full marks just because you were given it free, or at a discount.

As certain Hall of Fame Amazon reviewers have discovered to their cost, awarding five stars to everything without reviewing it properly is a good way to have your reviews and profile deleted.


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