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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 review: You can hardly go wrong with this crazy-cheap step tracker

GoTenna Mesh keeps chat lines open when cell service drops out

Whether you’re embarking on a camping trip, filling a go-bag for emergency prep or traveling anywhere without a reliable cellular connection, the GoTenna Mesh is a nimble solution for off-the-grid messaging.


news and SportRefurbished laptop computer review

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August 29, 2015

b>What does refurbished mean? There’s a MASSIVE range in the quality of refurbished gear available for sale. Some dealers at the lower end of the scale do not really refurbish computers at all – obviously broken parts may be replaced but little more than that is done. If you receive a cheap laptops that is not even been properly cleaned, it is highly unlikely that it has been refurbished whatsoever – it is simply a used computer with software reloaded onto it’s hard drive, with little or no other inspection. Obviously the failure rate of units like these is much higher. In an industry with tightening margins, unfortunately many dealers now fill pressured to cut costs in the preparation of refurbished laprops and computers. Common Issues with Refurbished computers / laptops

Chassis / cosmetic damage Any crack (especially around the hinges), discoloration or other damage to any part of the cheap laptops body should have been corrected with a replacement part

Drive faults Any component faults in a unit such as a faulty Hard Drive, mouse etc must be corrected. Hard Drive, floppy drive and CD Rom drive faults are the most common hardware problems discovered.

Screen faults The TFT screen has a limited life span and is very expensive to replace. Faults to look for include damaged pixels (dots on screen – a few of these are not serious and should be ignored) and overall darkening of the screen or a screen that is slow to warm up. The latter is more serious and is probably lead to complete failure

Very poor battery life / battery not charging The quality the batteries supplied with a laptop very massively. You should not expect a battery to be “as good as new” on your cheap laptops unless they are specifically described as such. A battery life of 30 minutes is good; in reality you will be using it with the PSU most of the time.

Intermittent crashing If this is not the result of an incorrect or damaged software installation (which is usually the case), it is probably caused by motherboard damage – always requiring a professional repair.

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Alienware's gaming laptops and X51 desktop get faster specs and …

Over recent years, Alienware computers have become increasingly reasonable options for anyone who’s looking to get into PC gaming but is unable or unwilling to build a rig from scratch (which will, of course, usually be cheaper for those with the time and ability). Today, ahead of the PAX Prime event in Seattle, the Dell-owned brand is launching a range of new products that should serve as solid out-of-the-box gaming solutions. First up is the X51, Alienware’s mid-range desktop PC that offers impressive power in a package roughly the size of an Xbox One previous models1 have won a lot of fans (myself included) for providing a strong PC gaming experience in a single, simple box. The R3 revision is the third major version of the X51, and although it keeps the same chassis, it’s all changed on the inside. The first new models include Intel Skylake i5k or i7k processors2, DDR4 RAM, and optional liquid cooling support, which is quieter and more efficient than a traditional fan system and allows for safer overclocking.

Alienware's Gaming Laptops And X51 Desktop Get Faster Specs And ...

Alienware's Gaming Laptops And X51 Desktop Get Faster Specs And ...

On the graphics side, the base GPU is an Nvidia GTX 745, but depending on configuration, you can go for an AMD Radeon R9 370 or an Nvidia GTX 960. The R3 is the first X51 model to support Alienware’s external Graphics Amplifier, too (seen above), meaning you could also hook up a card as powerful as a GTX Titan X. The new models are available today from ?1,099. Alienware’s laptop line is also getting a big refresh across the board. The Alienware 13 (below), 15, and 17 now feature USB Type-C ports with Thunderbolt 3, faster PCIe SSD storage, and what Alienware calls “dynamic overclocking” software that balances out high performance and acceptable heat levels. The 17-inch (and later, 15-inch) models can be fitted with 4K IGZO displays, and the 13-inch goes up to QHD+ (3200 x 1800).

Alienware's Gaming Laptops And X51 Desktop Get Faster Specs And ...

Alienware's Gaming Laptops And X51 Desktop Get Faster Specs And ...

The Alienware 13 is billed as being able to achieve “all-day” battery life, which the company rates at over eight hours. At the other end of the power scale, Alienware is also introducing an special edition 18-inch model featuring dual Nvidia 980M graphics totaling 16GB of fast GDDR5 memory, along with an overclocked Intel Extreme Edition processor that’s socket-mounted for future upgradeability.

All of these laptops are available today, but they run on Haswell processors for now, as Intel hasn’t fully rolled out Skylake beyond desktops just yet. And as you’d expect, all the new Alienware products can be ordered with Windows 10 preloaded.


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