Small Pet Metal Play Pen or Run suitable for Guinea Pig Hamster Gerbil Mouse (1)

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This offer is for an 8 panel mini metal play run ideal for small pets, such as Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice etc.., Features: Lightweight and easy to move for cleaning Folds flat for storage Galvanized metal for longer life Each of the 8 panels interlock and can be removed Buy more than 1 for additional space Can set up as rectangle or oval shape to suit In straight line acts like a fence or barrier Separate door opening in 1 panel Size: Each panel 33cm (13inches) wide x 23cm (9inches) high You will need an area of 68cm x 68cm (26 ½” x 26 ½”) to comfortably fit this product Bar spacing: 1.2cm max Packing: Cardboard box. Please note all sizes are approximate and allow for manufacturing tolerances. If you need a larger play pen please see other listing in our shop


  • Mini metal play pen for Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice etc.
  • 8 interlocking panels, folds flat for storage
  • create a rectangular or octagonal run to suit
  • Can use as a barrier when in a straight line
  • 1 panel has opening door


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