RUIMIO 30 Nail Tape, 15 Nail Brush, 12 Colors Nail Rhinestones, 3D Nail Art Gold / Silver Studs

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Let your imagination and creativity run wild with all the infinite nail-decoration possibilities this great kit will open up for you!

A set of 15 nail-art brushes is the centerpiece of the kit.
These high-quality brushes come in all the shapes and sizes you’ll need for a huge range of nail-decoration tasks and effects.
These sturdy brushes will stand up to long use and are easy to clean. Just wipe the brush with a paper towel while the product is still wet and uncured.

A full suite of 3-D decorations, including rhinestones in many different colors and gold and silver studs. These items come in an ingenious case with a rotating lid that only exposes one small compartment at a time,
so you never have to worry about accidentally spilling hundreds of tiny items all over your floor.

A selection of 30 different rolls of striping tape. Stripe effects are among the most popular forms of contemporary nail decoration.
With all the colors and patterns of tape in this set, you’ll never run out of new designs and combinations to try out.
There are plenty of tutorial videos and articles on the web to get you started with using striping tape for nail decoration.

12 colors of nail-art rhinestones.

These rhinestones in different colors are one of the quickest and easiest ways to get a colorful, eye-catching decoration on your nails.
This set will give you plenty to choose from.

Package Includes:

15 Nail-Art Brushes
30 Rolls of Striping Tape
1 Box Rhinestone Decorations 12 colors
1 Box Gold and Silver Stud Decorations


  • Create a huge variety of dazzling nail-art designs with this great all-in-one set of brushes and nail-art supplies!
  • 12 colors of nail-art rhinestones.
  • 30 different rolls of striping tape.
  • A wide selection of 3-D decorations, including gold and silver stud appliques. These 3-D decorations can be applied with topcoat or glue.
  • The 15-piece brush set covers the range of brushes you’ll need for every nail-decoration task. Includes flat fan brushes, line-drawing brushes, dotting brushes, angled brushes, and much more.


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