Manual Breastpump – Simple, Easy to Use and Clean | Most Effective Breast Pump – Vacuum Sealed with Lid and Bag | BPA-Free 100% Food Grade Silicone | Portable & Lightweight | Baby Shower Gift Idea

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At Original Baby we take “eco” very seriously. We make sure that our products leave little to no footprint to ensure a safe and clean world is left for our grandchildren and their grandchildren.

Every drop of breastmilk counts! – The Original Baby Breast Pump is perfect to use while breastfeeding to catch Let-down that would otherwise be wasted!

Safe for you and your Baby – The Original Baby Silicone Breast Pump is made from High Quality Food Grade Silicone which has been tested and Certified under FDA regulation as being BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Lead-free.

Don’t trust your baby’s safety to an inferior brand – Get your Original Baby breast pump today for comfort and peace of mind.

Easy to use – No assembly required, no wires and completely silent! The Original Baby Silicone Breast Pump collects milk by gentle suction force similar to your Baby.

No more wasting your valuable time with expensive, noisy and confusing breast pumps -Our Breast pump is best used during your baby’s feeding time, collecting that precious letdown and giving you back more of that valuable time.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and 30 days return policy with no questions asked – Because we are sure you will find our products to be practical, well made and durable, just as we have!

We are also Proud to be supporting the Prevent Breast Cancer Charity – 5% Percent of the profits from our products are donated to helping prevent breast cancer for future generations. This has been made possible thanks to your choice to buy Original Baby products.

Package includes – One Vacuum packed Original Baby Silicone Breast Pump complete with a Dust cover lid, Soft cotton carry bag and Instructions and Care sheet.


  • ✅ SIMPLE, EASY TO USE AND HIGHLY EFFECTIVE – No more wasting your precious time with expensive, noisy and complicated breast pumps. Silently and effortlessly collect all your precious letdown or relieve engorgement.
  • ✅ COMFORTABLE AND PORTABLE TO COLLECT EVERY DROP – Make it easy to comfortably collect all your babies nutritious milk at home or slip the pump your bag for easy collection while travelling.
  • ✅ COMPLETE SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK – We know this is the most reliable, time saving and easy to use breast pump that you will ever use or your money back! Plus you can keep the pump, its that simple.
  • ✅ KEEPING HARMFUL CHEMICALS AWAY FROM YOUR BABY – Our products are Made from High Quality Food Grade Silicone – BPA, PVC and Phthalate free – Eco-friendly and Safe for the Environment with 100% FDA Approval.
  • ✅ YOU’RE HELPING US MAKE A DIFFERENCE – Here at Original Baby we donate 5% of profits from all Products to – Prevent Breast Cancer Charity UK.


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