Johnsons Veterinary Products 19-0295 Tablets for Dogs Treatment, Large, Set of 3

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Johnsons 4Fleas Tablets kill Fleas on Large Dogs weighing over 11kg. The 4Fleas Tablets start killing Fleas in 15 minutes and kill all Fleas on pets in 24 hours and are safe to use with other Flea and Worm treatments. Please be aware as the 4Fleas tablets only kill Adult Fleas, for complete Flea protection we advise you to use this product in conjunction with the 4Fleas Protector Spot On which kills the Flea Eggs and Larvae and also the 4Fleas Household Treatment Spray. This pack contains 3 treatments.


  • Johnsons Veterinary Products 4Fleas Tablets for Dogs Treatment Pack, Large, Pack of 3
  • Johnsons Veterinary Products
  • Assembly Parts
  • Puppies and dogs over 4weeks
  • Dogs over 11k
  • Starts killing in 15mins


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