Forehead Baby Thermometer,Non-Contact Infrared Digital Thermometer, Suitable for Infant/Toddler/Children/Adults/Object Temperature Measuring

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SinoPie DT-8861 is a professional non-contact infrared thermometer, which can be used to measure both the temperature of human body and object surface. At SinoPie, we focus on high-quality products and 100% customer satisfaction index.

About the Usage:
How to Measure Your Forehead Temperature?
1.Push button-switch on the back of the handle, then it turns on immediately.
2.Push the button-switch again, scan your forehead within 5cm (2inches).
3.Release the button and read the temperature on LCD screen; press “Mode” button quickly for ℃ or ℉.

How to Switch from Different Modes? (F1-F4)
F1: Hold “MODE” key for 4 seconds till “F-1” appear when in “on” status. Choose “body” or “surf” by upwards and downwards key.
F2: Press “MODE” key one more time when in “F-1″mode. Adjust alarm temperature (the preset alarm temperature is 38 ℃) by upwards and downwards key.
F3: Press “MODE” key one more time when in “F-2”, compensate temperature difference.
F4: Press “MODE” key one more time when in “F-3”, turn on/off the alarm voice (On-Turn on, off-turn off).

We provide a one year warranty.
Beside, If there is any question about the product, please feel free to contact us. We promise to provide you with the most prompt and professional reply in the first place.


  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL:Measures not only the temperature of human body(forehead) but also the surface of object, such as, milk, food, refrigerator or anything else in your house.
  • NON-CONTACT:The temperature can be detected within 5cm (2 inch) measurement distance,more healthy and convenient; never worry about disturbing an sleeping baby.
  • LONG MEMORIZING:The thermometer is able to store the latest 32 measured data; You can easily reflect the temperature changes to your doctors for making a diagnosis.
  • FAST AND ACCURATE:0.5 seconds measuring time and the accuracy is ± 0.2℃ (0.4℉); Taking temperature is never again an annoyed thing with a fussy child.
  • OPPTIONAL MODES: F1 mode:Change from Celsius to Fahrenheit;F2 mode:adjust the alarm temperature;F3 mode:compensate temperature difference;F4 mode:turn on/off the buzzle.


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