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Griffin Elevator Computer Laptop Stand – Matte Gold/Clear

Griffin Elevator Computer Laptop Stand - Matte Gold/Clear
Elevator Desktop Stand for Laptops – Matte Gold / Clear

  • Elevates laptop screen 5.5″
  • Keeps laptop cool with 360 degrees of air circulation
  • Fits all laptops – Mac or PC
  • Elevator conforms to health and safety standard
  • The premier source for office ergonomics

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2 Responses to Griffin Elevator Computer Laptop Stand – Matte Gold/Clear

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    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Griffin Elevator Computer Laptop Stand – Silver/Clear (Office Product)

    An excellent laptop stand which hasn’t changed noticeably in the eight years I have owned one. I have purchased another ten or so since then.


    + Good looking design, a rare thing for a laptop stand; equally comfortable with a Mac or PC.
    + Modular construction means that the stand can be disassembled easily into three pieces and stored in a small place or rucksack.
    + Grips the laptop well, comes with additional clips at the front to prevent heavy laptops from sliding forward.
    + If your desk space is limited, it will allow you to store documents etc underneath.
    + Keeps the laptop cool.


    + Non-adjustable, but this is obvious from the design and there is less to go wrong.
    + The fit between the clear acrylic base (?) and anodised arms could be a little tighter or snap into place to help the stand stay together when being moved around.

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    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Griffin Elevator Computer Laptop Stand – Silver/Clear (Office Product)

    The Griffin Elevator Computer Laptop Stand – Silver/Clear came very well packaged and protected, eash item was bagged and in a box with protectors to stop anything knocking about.

    The stand requires assembly but this is not difficult as all, I would say this is a good think as it makes it portable which is a good bonus should you need to move it to another area. There is instructions with the stand for assembly too in case you should need them.

    The stand itself is very sturdy when assembled, the legs are made from what I think is Aluminium, and are held into place by a plastic housing. the legs have rubber feel to prevent the stand slipping on your desk surface, and two stripes of rubber on the top of the legs to hold your laptop securely and prevent it from slipping off the stand too, this is further secured with plastic clips on the end pf the legs to hols the laptop in place.

    The stand has my laptop sitting at a perfect height for me, I use my laptop with an extra monitor and a wireless keyboard/mouse combo while I have my stand further back on my desk to free space.

    The stand aids greatly with cooling, barely have any temperature fluctuations with my laptop as there is much better airflow access to the vents,

    I would highly recommend this product for a desk setup with a laptop.

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