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ZTE Axon 7 (grey) unlocked – Sale

ZTE Axon 7 (grey) unlocked

-OS: Android 6.0
-Processor: Qualcomm 820
-Processor speed: 2.15 GHz
-Displaysize: 13.97 cm / 5.5 Zoll
-Display resolution: 1440 x 2560 Pixel
-Internal Memory: 64 GB
-Camera resolution: 20 Megapixel
-Front camera: yes
-Front camera resolution: 8 Megepixel
-Video recording: yes, in 1080p HD
-Language selection: yes
-Wireless connections: WLAN, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC
-Slot for memory card: yes

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3 Responses to ZTE Axon 7 (grey) unlocked – Sale

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    9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Excellent flagship phone at an unbeatable price., 25 Jan. 2017
    Mitchelln (UK) –

    Verified Purchase(What is this?)
    This review is from: ZTE Axon 7 (grey) unlocked (Electronics)

    This is a really great phone at an unbeatable price.

    The screen is an absolutely gorgeous Samsung AMOLED panel. It’s jaw dropping and must be the same part as in the very latest Samsung devices (perhaps they bought all those Note 7 displays going spare!). Colours are rich and vibrant and you can tweak things like colour temperature and vibrancy. The ZTE locker downloads new lock screen wallpaper and cycles round them each time you turn the phone on just to show off the display (you can turn this off, but it is a nice display showcase!).

    With a Snapdragon 820, Adreno 530 and 4GB of RAM, this phone doesn’t hang about. I’ve seen no pauses or stutters at all. If is Google Daydream VR compliant as well, should you care for such things. This means low latency sensors and low persistence display.

    The fingerprint reader is reliable and very fast. Faster than the one on a friends iPhone 7. It’s not the swipe type either, you just place your finger on the well placed sensor which speeds things up. You can wake and unlock the phone just by pressing the fingerprint sensor. So nice.

    Sound is amazing. It has two high quality 32bit DACS. One for headphones and one for the front facing speakers, which are true stereo. Dolby Atmos works well to supply great sound. Headphone audio is top notch.

    Battery life is excellent, although the power saving settings take a while to get your head round as they are very granular. However, this means you can do things like schedule the phone to go into ultra saving mode between certain hours. This disables wifi and mobile data which means you don’t getting annoying notifications all night and save a lot of power. My work Note 4 typically drops down to 65% overnight where as the Axon drops to 98%.
    It operates quite aggressive power saving out of the box and I had to scale it back a bit for some apps e.g. Lastpass, Rotation Control (otherwise required Accessibility settings are reset). Personally, I prefer this approach to start off aggressive and back it off rather than have it run flat out and guzzle the battery. Upshot is the phone easily runs for a day with moderate use and I suspect even longer when I’ve stopped playing with it all the time!

    Early reviews listed low light camera performance as an issue. However, mine had an update waiting out of the box and after applying that I have found the camera to work very well. The camera app is comprehensive and give a lot of additional control in manual mode. It has image stabilising and a new “Super night mode” that gives good results. It has a 20MP main shooter and an 8MP front facing camera that works well with Skype etc.

    The phone is unlocked supporting dual SIM, which works well or you can opt to have a sdcard rather than the 2nd SIM. I’ve tried it with a 200GB Sandisk card and it worked fine. The phone itself has 51GB free out of the 64GB. More than enough, but it’s nice to have the option the expand.

    Mobile reception is fantastic. It has “Signal boost” technology, whatever that is. The result is that I now get 3-4 bar 3G signal at my home whereas my old Sony Z3 only got 1-2 bars of voice only. Call quality is very good with the noise cancellation working well.

    The phone supports QuickCharge 3 and is supplied with a QC3 charger. Unfortunately the one supplied with mine was European only with no adaptor supplied. Luckily I had a suitable spare charger. ZTC thoughtfully supply a Micro USB to USB-C adapter in addition to the USB-C charge cable. They clearly get that people will want to use their existing chargers. When connected to a QC3 charger it charges up very quickly. the lowest mine’s got to so far is 32% and it charged to 80% in 25 minutes. That’s quick! It can’t be overstated how great it is to be able to just plug the power cable in without fiddling around getting it the right way round. USB-C is definitely a big step forward.

    The software has a number of useful tweaks. For example, you can swap the order of the navigation buttons. So if you are coming from a Samsung you can swap the buttons round and feel at home. There are some other nice tweaks, like it will show a notification if an app is using a lot of power and the settings screen is split between favourites with the full list showing when you swipe left.
    I have to confess I’ve switched to using Action Launcher 3 rather than the stock one because that is what I use on all my devices. So I can’t comment on the ZTE launcher. There are a couple of bugs – the DND settings screen crashes. I got round this by using an app. Hopefully it will be sorted when the promised Nougat update is released (February has been stated). ZTE only adds one support app, no other bloatware at all. I’ve not come across any other software issues.

    The phone case is well made being curvy aluminium with a nice grey finish. It’s about the same size as my Sony…

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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Has a brilliant screen display, 5 April 2017

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    This review is from: ZTE Axon 7 (grey) unlocked (Electronics)
    Has a brilliant screen display. Awesome resolution and colours. Camera itself is not the best. Speakers are nice and loud. Nothing too special about the dolby sound. not much difference in sound when Dolby audio is switched on/off, Has great feel to it.
    Comes with UK charging adaptor as original charger has 2 pins.Headphones don’t feel or sound special. They look cool.
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    very good phone … amazing music player (headphone output), 28 Jan. 2017

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    This review is from: ZTE Axon 7 (grey) unlocked (Electronics)
    I considered the Axon 7 because I wanted one device to replace my phone and my DAP player (iBasso DX90) and I wanted to use tidal/spotify in addition of listening to my Flac library. I looked into phones with good audio DAC/Amp and came across the HTC 10, LG V10/20, and the Axon 7. As a phone, it is a good one I think: very fast, very nice screen, very well built and option of dual SIM or micro SD extension, and a finger print reader that works well enough. The battery life seems good and the phone charges super fast (might means the battery will fade faster than a slow charging phone though). I wont go in details of the MiFavor UI layer, but to me it is good and unobtrusive with nice and useful addition to the stock Android.

    Where the phone shines is in my opinion in the audio department. I had a hard time finding subjective reviews of the Axon 7 headphone output (i.e. a lot of measurement and tech specs but no educated or honest impressions). Having listened to music on the DX90 player for almost two years, I can tell you that the Axon 7 is quite amazing. The iBasso is I think more analytical and neutral and the Axon is richer, bassier or slightly darker, but in a good way: more fun in short. For those who, like me before buying the phone, wonder about the AKM DAC and Dolby codec and how this works practically: the AKM DAC cam be enabled or disabled via the sound menu (shortcut in the pull down menu) and if enabled the dolby cam be turned on or off. AKM DAC enabled and dolby off produce a beautiful, rich, detailed sound, it is awesome. I cannot compare to a HTC 10 or LG phone, but compared to the Moto G 2nd Gen (which is not the worst phone for audio) it is night and day, anyone would hear the difference straight away. However, the Moto G has much more output power: on the Axon 7 I have to crank up the volume much more than on the Moto G. Note that I have a EU version of the Axon 7 which might have volume output capped.

    I read a lot about the dual speakers. I even read a review saying “it would make think twice before buying a Bluetooth speaker like the bose soundlink mini”. Well I have a bose sound link mini and I can tell you that the Axon 7 speaker is million miles away from producing the sound of a bluetooth speaker even if a basic one. Speakers on the Axon 7 might be good for a phone, but they are insignificant in the absolute.

    Few things: it is impossible to find a screen protector that fits this phone because of the “2.5D” screen / curved edge. Honestly you will have hard time seeing the curves and they do not bring anything to the phone.
    Also the Android OS only allows fairly large volume steps/increments which means that it is impossible to finely adjust volume. This is very very annoying given the amazing capability of the Axon as a high quality/fidelity music player.

    Conclusion; more and more phone manufacturers understood that and use high fidelity DAC and careful audio implementation. If what you looking after is good audio, the Axon 7 is really, really good. And you get a phone as well!!!

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