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Sedatech Office Mini-PC, passive cooling, Intel J3355 Dual Core, 4Gb RAM DDR3 1600Mhz, 500Gb HDD, USB 3.0, Full HD 1080p. Desktop Computer without OS – Bonus Price

Sedatech Office Mini-PC, passive cooling, Intel J3355 Dual Core, 4Gb RAM DDR3 1600Mhz, 500Gb HDD, USB 3.0, Full HD 1080p. Desktop Computer without OS

  • Office Mini PC, small and silent (fanless), with CPU Dual Core Intel Celeron J3355
  • Office Computer, 500Gb HDD and RAM DDR3 4 Gb 1600 MHz. Be aware the PC is delivered without monitor, mouse and keyboard. Motherboard Asrock J3355B-ITX with USB 3.0, Full HD 1080p
  • No Operating System. PC compatible with Windows and Linux. Drivers CD supplied.
  • Brand new computer – 2 years collect & return warranty on parts and labour.
  • Not what you are looking for? Discover all our configurations from wide selection of Mini PCs Office Intel Celeron, by searching “Sedatech PC” in the search box.


Flat and fast, this computer is designed specifically for your office.
Its low-energy CPU (30W max at full capacity, less than a standard light bulb) can remain switched on all day without overheating. It is also extremely quiet and will allow you to work in peace


[CASE]: E-3002
[POWER SUPPLY]: 60W External Power Supply
[PROCESSOR]: Intel Celeron J3355
[GRAPHICS CARD]: Intel HD Graphics 500 (onboard)
[RAM]: 4Gb SoDDR3-1600 (1x4Gb) – 16Gb max
[HARD DISK DRIVE]: 500Gb 2.5″
[OPERATING SYSTEM]: None (without Windows)
[REAR PANEL PORTS]: 3x USB 3.0 | 1x USB 2.0 | 1x HDMI | 1x VGA | 2x PS/2 | 1x Serial / Parallel port | 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet | 5.1 Audio
[DIMENSIONS (W x H x D in cm)]: 6 x 19 x 23



2 Responses to Sedatech Office Mini-PC, passive cooling, Intel J3355 Dual Core, 4Gb RAM DDR3 1600Mhz, 500Gb HDD, USB 3.0, Full HD 1080p. Desktop Computer without OS – Bonus Price

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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Meets my needs but falls short of expectations, 5 Mar. 2014

    Verified Purchase(What is this?)
    Lets be clear from the get go: this is a budget Mini PC and a perfect candidate for an entry level HTPC (my intended function for this unit). That said, I expected a certain level of thought to have gone into this product and felt that in certain areas it was left lacking. I purchased the “no drive, no operating system” version of this build and stuck in my own 60gb SSD and copy of Windows 8 I had lying around.

    The GOOD first:

    The thing is tiny. Whilst not silent, it is pretty quiet, at least whilst it’s idle. When it gets going the fan can really pick up. It handles all of my content (1080p video) just fine in XBMC running within Windows 8. There is also a hyper-functional BIOS loaded with customisations and control over your system to help match up your power consumption/performance needs. It also looks pretty cool and the looks at home in my media station.

    Basically, this machine without a doubt fulfils my needs: it’s small, quiet, cheap and just fast enough to handle what I want it to process.

    Now for the BAD:

    The board inside is horribly laid out. I tried to look around online for some videos and examples but couldn’t find any that match this model ahead of time before buying. After purchase, compared to those I did find images/videos of, it seems like similar Sedatech machines have managed better board layouts than this one. The HDD holder sits almost directly above one of the heatsinks (almost touching). The wiring is a nightmare of tangles and bulges I literally had to press the lid down onto in order to get the case closed again. This is not helped by the included SATA cable that, whilst appreciated, is way too long. The ventilation is frankly; terrible, due in part to a power supply section that blocks off the top vents that would allow some of the heat to escape. All of this means that the pc runs hot. VERY hot. The CPU max temp before auto shut-off is in the 90 degrees C range and I was getting readings into the high 70’s often just from fairly regular use. After getting so hot, the box would then struggle to drop that heat due to the poor ventilation, essentially just pushing the still hot air back into the CPU. I can’t even imagine how hot this would be running with a mechanical drive in the box rather than an SSD so I would strongly suggest considering this before purchase.

    I got around these issues by lodging my SSD into the front side of the case removing it from proximity to the heatsinks. I flipped the unit upside down (it doesn’t really have a “right way up” and even has rubber feet so it can be stored on it’s side if you like) as doing so exposes the bottom vents that are mostly free of obstructions so facilitates better heat release. Finally, I purchased a large pc case fan that I attached to the side-exterior to draw out the hot air. A small PC like this will run hotter than a standard pc due to it’s compressed size but I felt that the CPU temp was simply too close to it’s limit and the addition of a second fan reduced the working temperature to the high 40’s/low 50’s.


    If you are looking for a cheap PC to run basic functions, operate as a server and/or present media; this is a versatile little box. However, I would strongly advise viewing this as a foundation onto which you will need to modify either the operation or mechanics to suit your needs. In my case that meant a few extra purchases of under £10 to ensure optimal performance. Not a huge deal but not what I was expecting.

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    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Disappointing!, 30 Sept. 2015
    Dany (England) –

    Verified Purchase(What is this?)
    On paper this little PC looked like it offered all that I required but unfortunately this did not prove to be.
    I was somewhat surprised to find that the SSD was merely glued to the Blu-ray/DVD-RW optical drive – there being no room for designated enclosure or fixing.
    The first issue I had was with the optical drive which scuffed & scratched disks if not inserted with extreme care. This happened because when the tray closed the disk has a tendency to to go over the metal framework – not good.
    The next Issue was with the drivers. A driver – I think for PCI would not install.
    I also had a problem with bootable recovery disks – both Windows & Linux which would not load properly or give the dreaded BSOD.

    Fortunately, Amazon customer services were great & a full refund was given. Thank you Amazon.

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