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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Comes Out as the Best Productivity Tablet in the Market Today

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has made its way to the retail markets on October 26 following its official launching 20 days earlier. So far, the reviews on the laptop-tablet combo are mostly positive, with some experts saying that it is the best productivity tablet in the market today. The title used to be held by the Surface Pro 3, but with the release of the Surface Pro 4, the latter has ended the reign of its predecessor, notes the Windows Central. Microsoft also surprised the global tech community when it also unravelled along with the Surface Pro 4 the Surface Book on October 6, which also hit the markets on October 26. The Surface Book is a gorgeous laptop which packs some serious power to complement its sleek and compact design.

Prior to the launch of the Surface Pro 4, there were speculations that it will go up against the Apple iPad Pro. While the Cupertino-based tech company launched its giant iPad on September 9, the device will apparently make its way to the markets in November yet, giving the Surface Pro 4 a clear headstart.

Amazing devices

Both the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book are amazing devices. While Microsoft has been in the tablet business for quite some time with its Surface and Surface Pro lines, the Surface Book is actually the company s first foray into the laptop segment. It goes without saying that the Surface Book is actually the first ever laptop built by Microsoft. Microsoft has used everything it learned in developing its Surface tablets in coming up with the Surface Book. Thus, the device also comes with features such as custom graphics processor, dynamic fulcrum hinge design, muscle wire lock, specially-crafted keyboard, among others, to come up with the so-called ultimate laptop.

In terms of obvious differences, the Surface Pro 4 is lighter by nearly half compared to the Surface Book. The Surface Pro 4 weighs 1.74 grams compared to the Surface Book s 3.48 grams. If both devices are put on separate backpacks, the Surface Pro 4 will hardly be noticeable at all while the Surface Book will surely make its presence felt. The Surface Pro 4 features a 12.3-inch display while the Surface Book has a 13.5-inch screen, but both devices have the same pixel density of 267 ppi. Unlike the Surface Book, the Surface Pro 4 does not come with a keyboard because it s a tablet-first device. But users can purchase the new Type Cover, which has been highly improved with better spacing between keys and a 40 percent larger trackpad.

Some oddities

Meanwhile, a critic recently made a review of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and said that his experience with the device has been good. However, he also noted some oddities with it, making him feel uneasy, notwithstanding the hefty price of the device, details Neowin. The reviewer said that there seems to be an audible popping noise that occurs intermittently during his use of the Surface Pro 4. The noise accordingly occurs at random intervals but is distinct and happens when the audio is not being played. Although he admits that his unit may have a factory defect. The other thing that the critic noted is the issue on the keyboard or trackpad which stops functioning at times, leaving him to either restart the device or push along using the touch screen. While it has been an issue before with the Surface Pro 3, he believes that Microsoft should have attended to it during the development of the Surface Pro 4.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Comes Out As The Best Productivity Tablet In The Market Today

On the upside of the second issue is the availability of the Microsoft Type Cover, which has forced the Surface lines to be taken seriously as a laptop. Because of the Type Cover, the Surface Pro 4 became quite easy to use as it felt more like a laptop than a tablet. The critic said that Microsoft should bring stability to the device by addressing the keyboard or trackpad issue through a future update to the Type Cover.


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