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Lenovo ThinkServer TS140 70A4000HUX i3-4130 3.4GHz 4GB 1TB …

I am a software engineer with some extra cash on hand, and wanted a box on which to run my website. I noted that the other Lenovo small business/home servers have received good reviews but lacked a little hardware-wise, so I decided to take a chance with this beefier yet un-reviewed item. Thanks to Computer King I got it on time and in great condition. I quickly threw Linux Mint on it to see how I liked it but later switched to Windows Server 2012 R2. It handled both installations with zero problems. It booted, installed the OS, and everything was recognized and worked without a hitch, including the Hyper Threaded i3 (which sometimes requires BIOS updates to get working).

So far I have not put it through the ringer performance wise but for handling light(er) traffic for my website it is perfect. More than enough HDD space, more than enough RAM, and it is very, quiet. I am using this as a server and on the side a HTPC because it is so close to my theater set up (why not?) and when you walk into the room you have to focus to even hear it. If you have dealt with servers before (even home servers) this great news since many of them are rather loud. Honestly, this is one of the quietest machines I have yet to experience. It is even quieter than my own desktop (and that is saying something my desktop is a quiet box). I got the extra RAM and HDD space because of two reasons:

1) The extra ram allows for greater virtualization (if you are like me and like Windows but also enjoy Linux, just use HyperV or another virtualization tool and get the best of both worlds)

2) The 2 TB allows for a great start for a media server (or any non enterprise server, for that matter), the case allows for several more HDDs to be put in (3, I think) so you could potentially get double digit Terabytes with just a quick hardware installation)

Overall this is not THE best hardware for a home server but it is close to the top for what money can buy. I build PCs quite a bit for myself and others and this is a fantastic deal. For most people wanting a home server or even a small business server this will be way more than they need. Pros:
VERY quiet
Low power usage
Plenty of RAM and HDD space for initial start (it is possible you might need more but those would be exceptions not the norm)
Fast i3 3.4 GHz that does a good job for handling almost all of your home/small server needs with ease
Quality case, expandable for more drives (up to 12 TB I think)

BIOS is tricky to reach, or at least it was for me. If you are a gear head then this might annoy, if not, then install an OS and then it is smooth sailing from there.
The Intel i3 included is a great processor but not ideal for a server. I knew this going in and it will be more than enough for my needs for the next 3-5 years, but I wish there was an option for an i5 or even an i7. That being said, the i3 does a great job. It is snappy and fast.

If you want a small, quiet machine that will last for the next 3-5 years I recommend this one. The stats are impressive and will keep up well as time goes on.


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