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Casio EM-500 Pocket PC review – 15 years ago today on The Gadgeteer

Casio EM-500 Pocket PC Review – 15 Years Ago Today On The Gadgeteer

Last month we turned back the hands of time 15 years to revisit my review of the Sony CLIE (PEG-S300) PDA1. Do you remember the year 2000 and all the hoopla of a new century with the scare of potential Y2K computer issues. Fun times! Fifteen years ago cell phones were too large to fit in your pocket and we thought a laptop was ultra portable if it weighed less than ten pounds! Back then, Palm was still the king of the PDA (portable digital assistant) and Microsoft s Pocket PC was the underdog. Microsoft is still the underdog when it comes to handhelds, but I had high hopes for the Casio EM-500 Pocket PC2 when I posted my review on October 27, 2000.

Casio EM-500 Pocket PC Review – 15 Years Ago Today On The Gadgeteer

I always liked Casio handhelds because they had cool navigation buttons that could turn it into a great gaming machine like a Nintendo Gameboy. Speaking of that, I remember installing a Gameboy emulator on a Casio Pocket PC and playing Gameboy ROMs on it. I wish I still had one. The Casio EM-500 was one of the first handheld computers to have an MMC memory card slot. If MMC doesn t sound familiar to you, MMC stands for MultiMediaCard. It was a memory card standard and at first glance, MMC cards looked like SD cards. I guess you can think of MMC and SD cards like Beta and VHS tapes. Wow, I feel old right now! Both cards existed at the same time, but SD cards ended up winning the memory card format war . I enjoyed Pocket PC devices back then because the operating system felt more robust and customizable than the alternative Palm OS. Fifteen years later I still prefer mobile operating systems like Android over iOS because I can tinker and customize them.

It s funny to read through that old review and see that battery life was as much an issue back then as it is now. In the Casio EM-500 review, I said that the device could run for 6-7 hours on a battery charge. That doesn t sound all that much different than today s devices. I am also surprised that prices haven t really changed a lot either. The Casio EM-500 Pocket PC was priced at ?499.

What device from 10-15 years ago do you miss using the most?

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