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Apple iPad AIR 2 WI-FI + CELL 64GB 64 GB 2048 MB 9.7 -inch LCD – Special Price

Apple iPad AIR 2 WI-FI + CELL 64GB 64 GB 2048 MB 9.7 -inch LCD


The ?rst thing you’ll notice is how incredibly thin and light it is. iPad Air 2 is an impossibly thin 6.1 millimeters, making it our thinnest iPad ever. And it weighs less than half a kilo. When it was introduced four years ago, the original iPad set the standard for thinness and lightness. Since then, iPad has become even thinner and lighter. But thanks to its durable aluminum unibody, iPad Air 2 doesn¡¦t sacri?ce strength in the pursuit of thinness. From the moment you pick it up, you feel how sturdy and rigid it is.


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    Impossibly thin, incredibly fast and beautiful. Is it the best iPad for you?, 2 Nov. 2014
    John Ryan (London, UK) –

    This review is from: Apple iPad AIR 2 WI-FI + CELL 64GB 64 GB 2048 MB 9.7 -inch LCD (Personal Computers)

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    It’s hard to believe that Apple could improve upon the iPad, but they managed it with this device, the iPad Air 2 launched in October 2014. It’s over 18% thinner and 6% lighter than the astonishingly slim predecessor. It has the same remarkable 10 hour battery life, but an even faster processor, anti-glare screen, and (my personal favourite), the “Touch ID” fingerprint reader which means I can avoid using passwords and pin numbers.

    If you’ve not handled one of these beautiful devices, nip down to an Apple Store, John Lewis or Curry’s and try it for yourself. If you want to be really blown away, start the Maps App and “fly over” New York City or central London. You’ll be amazed how you can zoom around the city as if you were in a helicopter. Screen resolution, speed and just stunning. In the premium, incredibly thin aluminium iPad body – it’s just “a thing of beauty”.

    With stunning graphics and lots of power it’s also a serious gaming device.

    About this review
    OK. So by now you’ll be aware I love the iPad range, and this review aims to explain why. There’s lots to say, so I’ve broken it up into sections to make it manageable, (just skip the bits you don’t need). Hopefully it will answer your questions, and by the end you’ll have decided if it’s worth the money.

    If you’re already aware of the range, skip down to “Should I upgrade?” for a comparison of features in each generation.

    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Is this covered by Warranty ?
    A: Yes. Full 12 month Apple warranty, and 90 days free technical support. You can also extend the warranty with “AppleCare+” for £79 a year provided to take out the cover within 60 days of buying your iPad. This includes accidental damage insurance (up to two incidents per year subject to a £39 excess).

    Q: Why are these cheaper on Amazon than at the Apple store? What’s the catch?
    A: No catch. You can buy in person from the Apple store (including free engraving), or from John Lewis, and get a free 2 year John Lewis warranty. Alternatively buy from Amazon with a 30 day NO QUESTIONS ASKED return policy. If you find this item is NOT as described, (eg. does not have a UK plug), return it immediately, report the issue to Amazon, and write a critical review.

    Q: Is this a UK or USA model of the iPad?
    A: UK model. It is illegal to sell an electrical device in the UK without a UK plug or a foreign plug and adapter. If it doesn’t have a UK plug you’re entitled to a refund. Otherwise there’s absolutely no difference.

    Q: Should I buy the Cellular option?
    A: Read “Which model should I buy” below. You almost certainly don’t “need” to – as ever it always depends. Many iPads never leave home, and even when they do you can store your videos/music on the device or connect to a coffee bar hotspot to get online. If you have a smartphone (eg. Android or iPhone) you can set up a “personal hot spot” or “tethering” and use your data plan on your phone. This effectively allows you to connect a WIFI only iPad to the internet via your mobile phone while you’re out and about. On an Android phone go to Setup –> Tethering & portable hotspot. On on iPhone go to Settings –> Personal Hotspot, and set up a personal WIFI network from your phone. Try it now, but be aware it may be an optional extra dependent upon your mobile phone plan.

    Q: Is this the latest iPad?
    A: Yes. (Provided your reading this before October 2015). Launched 16th October 2014. Likely to be superseded October 2015.

    Q: How much storage aka “disk space” do I need?
    A: It depends. If intend to buy lots of Apps or store lots of videos and photos then go for the 64Gb or 128Gb is you need. If it’s your first iPad, and you’ll mainly be using it for accessing web pages and reading the odd book, then 16Gb will be fine. Be aware, you cannot increase the storaage – you can’t add an SD card. You could buy a “wireless disk” – see “Accessoriess – What else will I need?” below.

    Q: Is it easy to set up?
    A: Yes – very easy. Be sure to be near a WIFI connection, and the iPad will carefully take you through the steps needed to set it up. No, there’s very little in the way of an instruction manual – which is a testament to the simplicity of this device. It’s so easy to use most people find they don’t need one. However, there are lots of books available on Amazon. Just search for “iPad” under books if you’re concerned.

    Q: Does it have a USB connection?
    A: No. This means you can’t connect just any old device, but also means you can’t accidentally get a virus. To help support this, all Apps (programs) are available “over the air” (downloaded from the Apple App Store) and vetted by Apple. You can buy a cable which means you can…

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