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5 cloud take-aways from Oracle OpenWorld 2015

List: Company is looking to take on AWS in the cloud with a number of product enhancements. Oracle’s OpenWorld is underway in San Francisco with the company pushing its strategy and a number of product releases. CBR helps you stay on top of the big releases with a handy list.

1. Data visualisation cloud service

The company has added to its analytics offering in the cloud with visual analytics that are designed to be easy to use. It uses automatic data blending to allow customers to combine data from a variety of sources such as SaaS applications, external sources and personal files. The creation and sharing of the analytic insights are support on mobile, tablet and desktop.

2. Supply chain management

Big Red has brought out two SCM cloud solutions; Planning Central Cloud and Manufacturing Cloud1. They are designed to enable manufacturers to operate their supply chain in the cloud. Planning Central Cloud works by integrating supply and demand into a graphical analytics workbench. It combines forecasting, inventory and supply planning with an analytics framework that will provide recommendations.

Manufacturing cloud aims to help customers to design the manufacturing process and processing standards. The goal is to help them to quickly execute jobs, analyse and control work order costs.

3. Database Cloud

Expansions to its portfolio are designed to deliver database-driven solutions and applications in the cloud. The additional capabilities include Exadata cloud service, customers will be able to run mission-critical applications and consolidate databases in the Oracle cloud. It also includes disaster recovery, this capability allows business to implement real-time cloud disaster recovery.

Customers will be able to offload production reporting, ad-hoc queries and backups to the active standby Oracle2 Database.

4. Human Capital Management

Enhancements to its HCM cloud offering are aimed at helping to drive HR operations to be more successful. It is being given further extensions so that it is easier to deploy and configure the solution with out-of-the-box configuration. Updates include support for ACA 2015 compliance reporting along with audit reports and dashboards.

A recruiting integration with LinkedIn mobile is designed to make it more flexible when recruiting candidates.

5. Fusion Middleware

Enhancements to the company’s Fusion middleware portfolio are aimed at helping organisations to consolidate on-premises and in the cloud. Added features support multi-tenancy, multi data centre availability and full support for Java EE 7 and Java SE 8. Developer tools have been improved with compatibility for REST, JSON, JMS, WebSockets and others for Java EE 7.

Integrations between Oracle Coherence and Java SE 8 are designed to enable Lambdas and Streams for high performance and in-memory data processing.

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